Indoor Electronic Products LED Video Board (UC-IF-P7.62-1R1G1B-S) Advertising LED Board

Indoor Electronic Products LED Video Board (UC-IF-P7.62-1R1G1B-S) Advertising LED Board :

High quality,competitive price

Shenzhen UOCOLOR LED display


Features of Indoor p7.62 LED Display Video:
1. Easy to install and transport
Indoor LED advertising sign are light weight, easy to install and disassemble, etc…It will cut down the cost for transportation and installation.
2. The stylish appearance
Indoor LED advertising sign LED boards use international stylish super-thin case, are lighter and thinner than normal cabinet, with anti-water, anti-damp, anti-corrosion reaching IP65 grade at customers option.
3. Good after-sales service
Our after-sales engineers have been in LED field for more than 7 years who is sophisticated in programming all kinds of control systems, extending professional maintenance or repairing skills to customers.
4. Good quality and competitive price
Uocolor is a professional manufacturer engaged in LED display more than 7 years. We do the LED encapsulation by ourselves (Quality is under strict control, prices are very competitive).
5. Pixel-To-Pixel Calibration System
NovaCLB is a calibration system for LED displays. It is developed to solve the problem of nonuniformity of LED displays. First, the system uses a digital camera to get pictures of displays; Then, it analyzes the pixel brightness from the pictures and calculates the coefficients for calibration; Finally, it sends the calibration coefficients into the LED display control system and fulfills calibration. NovaCLB works with Nova LED display control systems and ensure excellent display quality.