Electric Automatic Fabric Cutter , CNC Cloth Cutting Machine With Completed Spreading

Electric Automatic Fabric Cutter , CNC Cloth Cutting Machine With Completed Spreading

Outstanding advantages:

Create newest auto cutter is mainly designed for composite fabric, which adopts Euro-America design concept. Its max cutting thickness can reach 75mm after absorption and general cutting length is 2000mm.

) computer design , automatic typesetting, saving original materials
) computer controlled and automatic cutting, save the human resource, mass production
) support many kinds of formats, direct open general dress design format, typesetting software
) the unique algorithm and motion control technology , realized seamless between straight line and arc
) high cutting accuracy, self -design of automatic sharp pen cutter, high quality of cutter makes life longer
) no need print out, save the typesetting, with high repeated utilization, plate-making management is convenient
) easy to change the spare the spare part, and lower cost
) nice automation,easy to operate.
Machine Parameters:

Technical parameters JOY1725 JOY2025 JOY2325
Cutting area
1700x2500mm 2000x2500mm 2300x2500mm

The table can moving, so the cutting length is not limited

Cutting thickness Max. 75mm(vacuum suction)
Max cutting speed 60m/min
Cutting accuracy ≤±1mm
Power 16-25kw
Cutting style Straight Knife Continuous Up-down Cutting
Software Automatic cutting system copyright
sharpen way double gear derogatory method
air pressure supply 7 KPS
Cutting materials garment/cloth/textile/leather
Max speed of blade working 4000rpm/min
Motor and driver of cnc system YASKAWA Japan
Motor and driver of pneumatic system SMC Japan
Machine power AC380V/50HZ
Software Auto cutting
Weight 1800kg 1900kg 2100kg
Size(w*d*h) 5760*2900*2500mm 5760*3200*2500 5760*3400*2500

Product Application:

Cutter markets suitable for widely industly ,for instance : leisure fashional suits,children’s garments,suits,knitting casual/leisure suits,underware,swimsuit,corsage,seat cushion,massage chair,yacht/houseboat seat,shoes,cat,cold protective clothing,golf bag,handbag,home textiles,cow-bag,sleeping bag,tent, apparel,automotive, and furniture and soft fabric as well as other industries.