CD75/42/31/127/5022 type Electronic component smd power inductor

smd power inductor
1.Various high power inductors
2.ROHS certification
smd power inductor

Its mechanical strength and thermal stability is good enough to bear the temperature changes from the reflow soldering and the outside force.It is mini size, high energy-stored, low resistance makes itself an ideal inductor when used in the PDA, DC/DC switches.Be suitable to work in the big current condition.

SMD Inductance is manily used in VCR, liquid crystal screen TV,Cell phones,Notebook computers,PDA palm computers,Electronic clock

Watches,DC/DC switches,OA nstallment,Flash-storing scrubbers.Can provide as per customer’s requirements and conform to RoHS.

High saturation current
Good resistance to heat and humidity
High Q value
Good for high density mounting
Inductance range: 10 to 560uH
Operating temperature: -20 to 100 degrees Celsius
Customized to customer specifications
DC to DC converter
Power supply unit
Portable telecommunication devices .