C27000 Alloy Of Copper Brass Strip Wire For Electron Component

Electric Motor Copper Strip Wire Brass Alloy Strip For Electron Component C27000

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Standard Range of Coppers and Copper Alloys Manufactured


CDA 10200,11000 and 12200 Best Sales Item


CDA 14000 series

Lead frame

CDA 19210 new and best

Plain Brassed

CDA 20000 series

Phosphor Bronzes

C51000, C51010, C51110, C52100, and C52400

Nickel Silvers

CDA 73000 to 77000


Specifications of Oxygen Free Copper Strip:

1. Grade: C1100 , C1020

2. Thickness: 0.005mm- 1.2mm

3. Width: 400mm max

4. Chemical Composition: C1100: Cu >99.90%

C1020: Cu >99.96%

C1220: Cu >99.97%; P 0.015-0.04%

5. Oxygen content: C1100: O < 500PPM C1020: O < 50PPM 6. Temper: O, 1/4H, 1/2H, H O: HV<70; 1/4H: HV 65-85; 1/2H: HV 80-100; H: HV >100

7. Electric 20°C Conductivity: C1100/C1020 >97%; C1220 >80%